Ruwora 2,500 SqFt. Dehumidifier with Drain Hose, Energy Star Certified

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Dehumidifier 2500 Sq.Ft 30 Pint, Dehumidifiers with Drain Hose, 0.66 Gallon Water Tank, Energy Star Certified, RUWORA Dehumidifiers for Home Basement, Overflow Protection, 24H Timer (Energy-Saving)

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Built-in high-efficiency condensing compressor, RUWORA dehumidifier can remove moisture 30 Pints daily (under 86 ℉,80% RH ). This home dehumidifier can create a comfortable environment by keeping your place in the ideal 45%-55% humidity. It's a great choice for space up to 2500 sq. ft, such as the basement, office, living room, bedroom, garage, laundry room, closet, RV, etc. With a 2.5L/0.66-gallon tank capacity, this home dehumidifier will automatically turn off and illuminate the "Full" indicator, while also sounding an alarm that beeps three times when the tank is at maximum capacity. You also have the option of continuous drainage by inserting a 39.4" hose. This home dehumidifier features an advanced silent design that ensures a noise level of no more than 40 decibels during operation. Additionally, equipped with a 24-hour automatic switch time setting function, it allows you to enjoy a peaceful and restful environment after a long day at work. So, you can kick back, relax, and recharge in comfort without any disturbances. Our RUWORA dehumidifier is equipped with a touch-sensitive smart screen for easier operation without worrying about the keys being damaged. Press the "SETTING" button to display actual humidity or adjust humidity (30%-80% RH in 10% increments), and set the ideal value. It will automatically stop working when the specified humidity is reached.

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